Exclusive menu


quintoelemento presents its omakase menu to be enjoyed exclusively at the sushi bar. the sushi bar.

Welcome to a gastronomic journey in this wonderful world of sushi where the excellent raw material is the absolute protagonist. Each of the proposals is made in front of the diner, with refined and precise techniques, careful presentations and balanced flavors, harmonious and full of those nuances characteristic of its cuisine.

Our omakase menu is a closed menu of 12 dishes with the personal selection of the chef, Juan Suárez de Lezo, in which he delves into this noble culinary art and proposes a unique experience for both the diner and the palate.

The menu consists of:

- Braised king crab with lemon butter and caviar.
- Crispy cone stuffed with herb mus and marinated salmon tartar with tobiko roe.
- Iberian miso ice cream, tuna tartar, egg yolk pickled in ponzu and tempura.
- Shiso tempura with truffled scallop accompanied by piparras mojo.
- Aromatic broth with ginger, star anise and kafir lime with crab ravioli (filling subject to season).
- Salmon nigiri suke. 
- Tuna nigiri suke with caviar.
- Clam nigiri with citrus mus.
- Nigiri of cococha a la romana and tomatillos sauce.
- Toro tuna and caviar nigiri.
- Nigiri de Virrey (fish according to market).
- Passion fruit cream with yuzu sorbet. 

The menu includes a small pitcher of Sake

If you feel like discovering more flavors, we recommend our rich, dynamic and vibrant wine list. You can enjoy more than 30 references by the glass, try different wines, indulge yourself and enjoy some interesting options to pair with this menu such as any of the proposals in champagnes.

The offer is wide-ranging, with some great labels, some rarities and other more accessible options.

Price of the menu: 90€. With previous reservation

Fifth Element,
Atocha, 125 -Madrid-.
Open: 13:00 pm - 02:00 pm