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The entire universe is made up of four elements:

There is a fifth element that complements and gives meaning to all the others:
Some call them energy, others soul and some happiness.

Welcome to fifthelement. 

Located on the seventh floor of the emblematic building at 125 Atocha Street in Madrid, in the heart of the capital's art triangle, is quintoelemento. A unique proposal in the city, immersive, avant-garde and different where you can let yourself be carried away by the ambience, the traveling flavors of the highest gastronomy or by a surprising signature cocktail bar.

Quintoelemento has a futuristic rooftop with a retractable dome from where you can almost touch the stars of the capital or take a virtual walk in high definition.

On the sixth floor we find a no less singular space for small groups,
where everything invites to privacy. Here, guarded among noble materials, is the wine cellar that houses a careful selection of more than 300 references and that will make lovers of good wines very happy.


The new restaurant quintoelemento is the vanguard of the exciting madrid of the final months of this 2021. it is the powerful image of a leisure with capital letters, the space in which we all want to instagram to tell a real different experience. full of good taste, glamor and with a good cuisine. wine cellar and cocktail bar.

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Fifth Element,
Atocha, 125 -Madrid-.
Open: 13:00 pm - 02:00 pm